Hi. My name is Root, I like making things. I thought I’d spend my life being an artist or some kind of creative professional, but I’ve only ever been able to find work in tech support and customer service fields, which, if I’m being honest, I don’t much care for. Problem is I don’t really like focusing on one creative discipline, once I’ve figured out how to do a project to my satisfaction, my attention turns to a completely different area.

A few years ago I learned that I have ADHD, which accounts for the hobby-skipping. So I can do a lot of things with some measure of competence, but none of those things well enough to be employable in those fields. Oh, well. I’m still having fun. And I’m still kinda clinging to the hope that eventually my own work will support me and I can just have fun full time. Probably not a very realistic hope, but hope is a feeling that does not concern itself with being realistic.

I tweet at @rootsworks but have this blog because sometimes you just have more to say than a tweet will accommodate, you know?

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